5table Finance presale on Avalanche - Full details

The information in this post will be divided into 3 parts:

  • General presale details: Date & time, place, discounts, and others.
  • Presale tokenomics.
  • Step by step guide → How to buy $5TABLE at presale

General presale details.

🗓️ Date & time: March 13th, 18.00 UTC
📌 Place: avax.defilaunch.finance/presale/5table
🪙 Token used to buy: USDC.e

🤑 Discounts:
Tier 1: 2% discount || No requirements of holding $DLAUNCH
Tier 2: 5% discount || Requires holding +500 $DLAUNCH
Tier 3: 10% discount || Requires holding +1000 $DLAUNCH

⚙️Tiers raising method:
Tier 1: Overflow method. Once it gets to 100% it remains open and can be oversubscribed.
(If it raises +100%, everyone who purchased at Tier 1 gets a proportional allocation of $5TABLE according to their contribution, and the remaining amount is automatically refunded in BUSD when the tokens are claimed).
Tier 2: FCFS || Once it gets to 100% it gets closed.
Tier 3: FCFS || Once it gets to 100% it gets closed.
(FCFS: “First Come, First Served)

Presale tokenomics

📊Max Supply: 381,779 $5TABLE
14% Locked Liquidity || 53,449 $5TABLE
30% Presale || 114,533 $5TABLE
20% Marketing || 76,355 $5TABLE
20% Liquidity Incentives || 76,355 $5TABLE
10% Pool Rewards ||38,177 $5TABLE
4% Team & Devs (locked) || 15,271 $5TABLE
1% Advisors || 3,817 $5TABLE
1% General reserve || 3,817 $5TABLE

💰Amount to be raised: 100,000 BUSD
Tier 1: 30% → 40,000 BUSD || 145,772 $5TABLE
Tier 2: 10% → 10,000 BUSD || 37,594 $5TABLE
Tier 3: 60% → 50,000 BUSD || 198,413 $5TABLE

💵Listing Price: 1.0 5TABLE = 0.28 USDC.e
Tier 1: 0.2744 USDC.e || 2% discount
Tier 2: 0.266 USDC.e || 5% discount
Tier 3: 0.252 USDC.e || 10% discount

Step by step presale guide

  1. First of all, you have to enter avax.defilaunch.finance and connect your wallet. The button is in the top right of the website:

2. After you connect your wallet, you need to click on the ongoing presale you want to participate in:

3. Once you enter the presale you want to participate in, you will see this page:

When the presale goes live, a BUY button will appear on each Tier, where you’ll need to click and just enter the amount you want to purchase.

That’s it! Very easy, right?

How do I claim my tokens?

Once the presale ends you will need to enter the same page and follow the same steps, but instead of a BUY button, there will be a CLAIM button. You press CLAIM and the tokens you purchased will automatically appear in your wallet.

Stay tuned! Pre-sale is coming🚀



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