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DeFi Launch Incubator
6 min readFeb 25, 2022


Erich H, [2/25/22 3:01 PM]

Alright everyone, AMA is starting now! Muting the channel to ask some questions. We’ll unmute after a little for community questions.

Erich H, [2/25/22 3:02 PM]

Welcome! How are you doing today?

DeFiLaunch 🔺 Marketing, [2/25/22 3:02 PM]

Hello Erich! Im doing great, thanks for asking. Its a pleasure to be here with the Pangolin community. Thanks for having me

Erich H, [2/25/22 3:03 PM]

That’s great! Thanks for joining today. Super excited to learn about your project.

So to kick things off, could you tell us about DeFi Launch and how it started.

DeFiLaunch 🔺 Marketing, [2/25/22 3:06 PM]

DeFiLaunch started on the BNB chain as a standard launchpad. The original purpose of it was to improve project launches and for the community to feel that participating in a token pre-sale was something safe.

What we realized is that even though pre-sale is a process that we improved, it was not what we aimed for. And that for the projects that wanted to take advantage of our launchpad where not what needed DeFi 3.0

This led us to innovate and change the model.

The new model is now: Incubation.

This means that we adjust the due diligence process. In addition to this we enlarged our team. We went from having a team of 5 people to enlarging the 3 fundamental cores of our team.

We built a new development team in charge of optimizing contracts in the back end and designers to generate new didactic and comfortable front-end for users. We expanded the Marketing team and achieved new partnerships with companies dedicated to advertising. Finally, we hired new personnel in charge of project communication.

This means every project that launches in DeFiLaunch will have engineers, designers and human resources to make the projects more complete for the community in case they are interested in what they have to offer.

What we realized is that it is not the pre-sale that we had to improve. What we had to improve were the projects that offered pre-sale to the public. This is how DeFiLaunch was born and we arrived to expand.

In the avalanche network we bring our best incubations. I’ll talk about this later.

DeFiLaunch 🔺 Marketing, [2/25/22 3:07 PM]

I will try to be brief in my answers. There’s a lot to tell 😂😂

Erich H, [2/25/22 3:08 PM]

hahah that’s awesome! It’s a really cool concept and we’re excited to have you all on Avalanche now!

Erich H, [2/25/22 3:08 PM]

Next question — What was your personal journey to get to your current role?

DeFiLaunch 🔺 Marketing, [2/25/22 3:10 PM]

My first role in DeFi was as a moderator in a well-known DeFi protocol community.

There I began to be interested in the projects that were born day by day and I understood that there was an improvement to be made.

DeFiLaunch contacted me via a job search they conducted and interviewed me for their new communications team. My first role was moderating their newly started community and training the new moderators. We had fun over there!

I was promoted to a business development position dedicated to finding new partnerships for our incubations.

And finally at our recent launch at Avalanche I was promoted again to the position of Marketing and Business Relations Manager exclusively for the AVAX network.

My job is dedicated to promoting the incubations to be launched in Avalanche and growing interest in the incubations. We have some good projects coming in and we are all very excited about this.

Erich H, [2/25/22 3:12 PM]

[In reply to DeFiLaunch 🔺 Marketing]

That’s an awesome journey!

Erich H, [2/25/22 3:13 PM]

So what led to the decision to bring DeFi Launch to Avalanche?

DeFiLaunch 🔺 Marketing, [2/25/22 3:14 PM]

3 main factors.

1. Those in charge of developing the chain and their professionalism. Unlike other EVMs, we consider that the avax network completes a team of serious professionals who really seek to add value and who understand the needs to improve the ecosystem.

2. The projects that launch in the chain and their arrival to the people. The seriousness with which they are handled. The growth in TVL, in transaction volume and above all the adoption of new protocols that are going to be, without a doubt, the future.

3. The community and its constant demands on devs to maintain transparency and improve processes.

We think avalanche can keep on growing and thats why be bring all these Incubations here!

Erich H, [2/25/22 3:15 PM]

Those are 3 great reasons! Avalanche is definitely the place to be and it’s great to have another launchpad joining the chain.

Erich H, [2/25/22 3:15 PM]

Can you tell us about the DLAUNCH token and what it is used for?

Eitsky, [2/25/22 3:16 PM]

DeFiLaunch 🔺 Marketing, [2/25/22 3:17 PM]

DLAUNCH allows you to access our exclusive presale discounts. This means that if you are part of the DLAUNCH community you have access to pre-sale with discounts depending on the tier you are in.

Utility is essential and users are clear about it.

DLAUNCH is now available in pangolin as well as the superfarm.

Erich H, [2/25/22 3:18 PM]

Nice! Those are some great pre-sale discounts!

Erich H, [2/25/22 3:18 PM]

What launches do you have lined up? Also, what do you look for in projects to integrate with?

DeFiLaunch 🔺 Marketing, [2/25/22 3:19 PM]

First of all, our partnership with SUPERFARM in Pangolin makes us very happy. We consider a partner of this caliber essential

We’ll keep on integrating with big projects in the chain.

DeFiLaunch 🔺 Marketing, [2/25/22 3:20 PM]

Let me tell you a bit on what is coming to Avalanche. 👀🚀

I present to you the new possible rebranding of AVALOT and although it is not correct, I am going to share with you some of what is coming:

Avalot is going to be a fantasy adventure where the players are going to make the decision of the project. NFTs are being designed by well-known designers already on the Avalanche network. Micdrop an expert in the field is a new member of the Avalot team and on top of that we are getting video game engineers who come to bring their animation skills to AVALOT.

Are you ready for what will be avalot? Surely we are going to offer the main characters through a system where anyone who wants to get ahead of the market will be able to do so.

Stay tuned for official announcements that new changes are coming in the redesign of the project!

DeFiLaunch 🔺 Marketing, [2/25/22 3:21 PM]

Big things coming up in

DeFiLaunch 🔺 Marketing, [2/25/22 3:22 PM]

A brief introduction as an insight of what is coming…😉😉

Erich H, [2/25/22 3:23 PM]

That’s exciting! It looks like there’s a few really cool things coming up soon

DeFiLaunch 🔺 Marketing, [2/25/22 3:24 PM]

We know pangolin likes NFT gamefi and we’ll be soon talking about Avalot.

Erich H, [2/25/22 3:24 PM]

🔥oh yeah, we’re big believers in GameFi so excited for that

Erich H, [2/25/22 3:25 PM]

Last question I have before we open it up to the community.

Do you have any tips for new users trying DeFi Launch for their first time?

DeFiLaunch 🔺 Marketing, [2/25/22 3:27 PM]

I suggest you all to study the incubations that are coming on Avalanche…

And of course. Stay tuned to our communication channels:

No better way to be ready than holding DLAUNCH and be able to buy with discount…

Buy DLAUNCH at pangolin

and if they want to take advantage of the superfarm at this moment, they should farm with our UST pair at

The APR today is 992% and taking into account the next launch, the price of the token will surely be looking good since people like to anticipate the market.



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