DeFi Launch & Pacoca

Everything you need to know about the new partnership in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem

DeFi Launch Incubator
2 min readMar 26, 2022


We’re excited to announce a new strategic alliance with one of the most respected players in the DeFi ecosystem. DeFi Launch and Pacoca will be working together to maximize benefits for the community: Pools, AMAs, cross-marketing, and an upcoming auto-compounding vault. Continue reading and learn everything about the collab.

What is Pacoca?

Pacoca is a multichain portfolio manager, automated yield optimizer & dex aggregator. Users can track their assets, and enjoy auto-compounding vaults at

About the Partnership

The association started with a cross-marketing support campaign that featured an AMA in Pacoca’s main Telegram. During the event, we shared everything about the innovative and safe projects we’ve incubated, and the possibilities DeFi Launch has for Developers and Investors.

We’ve also engaged actively on Twitter and Telegram by sharing each other’s content and announcements. This is a key factor when promoting projects that are being incubated.

Regarding launches, Pacoca will now collaborate with our Incubation Program. All projects will have Pacoca as a partner and tokens will be tracked on their platform.

| $DLAUNCH is now supported by Pacoca. You can track $DLAUNCH and all our projects at

In terms of development, a new Pool was set up. Users were able to stake $PACOCA and earn $DLAUNCH in a Pool with $5,000 worth of rewards. There were distributed within 1 month.

But that’s not it! There’s an upcoming DLAUNCH-USDT auto-compounding vault. Once it deploys on you’ll be able to profit from one of the highest APY on the BSC.

Stay tuned! Pre-sale is coming🚀



DeFi Launch Incubator

DeFi Launch is a high-potential project incubator that provides support and assistance during the launch process