DeFi Launch V2 - Roadmap

Find out all the new milestones that wait for DeFi Launch in the short & mid term

DeFi Launch Incubator
2 min readMay 31, 2022


In the DeFi landscape is very important to keep the community informed about the project's future plans. And as a launchpad, it’s essential to have a clear vision about what are the upcoming presales that the community will be able to participate in.

1st step → V2 deployment

DeFi Launch team has been working very hard for the last 2 months, first analyzing the past projects deeply to understand what can be improved in order to provide a better experience and performance for the presale participants.

Now all the new developments are ready and currently in the testing phase, and will be deployed in the next week. Click here to find out the full details of DeFi Launch V2 updates.

2nd step → Cross-chain deployment

An essential part of our future is being a highly connected protocol, not only with our valuable partners and users but also across all the chains in which the platform is deployed.

Having a cross-chain token will not only reduce volatility, but also will allow holders to enjoy the benefits in not only one chain, but the three in which DeFi Launch is deployed (BNB Chain, Fantom, and Avalanche).

3rd step → First presales

As we already announced, we will host the $LEND presale (by TEN Finance) in BNB Chain. The official date has not been announced yet and will be decided according to the market recovery timing. The estimation is late June for the presale date and launch.

And after incubating a huge project for over 2 months, we finally will host Baker Finance presale. One of the most promising projects we have worked with, that have already raised 120k in a private round.

Click here if you want to know more about Baker Finance

There are more developments, partners and incubated projects that will be announced shortly. Stay tuned and don’t miss any news!

Stay tuned! DeFi Launch V2 is coming🚀



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