Multichain partnership with Singular

As a multichain incubator and launchpad, DeFi Launch is continuously nurturing its ecosystem to build a great network of resources. All these resources are used to strengthen the protocols of every project we incubate and launch.

A key part is the DeFi Partners section of our Incubation Program, where we connect newborn projects we successful DeFi projects, that are simply not available to most unknown projects that just launched on the DeFi landscape.

Singular is a yield farming protocol that initially launched on BSC and quickly went over to Polygon, Fantom and Avalanche. This provides us with the unique opportunity to add a strategic partner to our Incubation Program, opening partnership opportunities in 4 different chains.

So, what’s coming next?

As part of our Incubation Program, we’ll facilitate a connection between Singular and Bikini Finance, and we’ll build a bridge with all the upcoming projects that we are currently incubating and will launch soon.

But that’s not all, new farms and pools opportunities are being explored and will be announced shortly involving $DLAUNCH (at BSC) and $fDLAUNCH (at Fantom), and $SING.



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