Step by step presale guide

Learn how to participate at $5TABLE Finance presale in easy and simple steps

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2 min readJan 24, 2022


The day that we are all waiting for it’s about to arrive. 5table Finance is launching on Fantom and we are hosting their presale on our platform →

Here we will share a very easy guide with all the steps you need to take to participate at presale and buy $5TABLE with 2–10% discount!

First step — Connect your wallet to Fantom Opera chain

First of all, you need to have your wallet connected to Fantom. Here I’ll share a link with a simple explanation from one of our collaborators (FTM Alerts) that explains it really easily.

If you already have this done, please continue to the following step

In this video you will also learn how to move your funds from one chain to Fantom, so you can move around freely in the network and send funds as you prefer.

How to participate at the presale? — Step by step guide

  1. First of all, you have to enter and connect your wallet. The button is in the top right of the website:

2. After you connect your wallet, you need to click on the ongoing presale you want to participate in:


3. Once you enter the presale you want to participate in, you will see this page:


When the presale goes live, a BUY button will appear on each Tier, where you’ll need to click and just enter the amount you want to purchase.

That’s it! Very easy, right?

How do I claim my tokens?

Once the presale ends you will need to enter the same page and follow the same steps, but instead of a BUY button there will be a CLAIM button. You press CLAIM and the tokens you purchased will automatically appear in your wallet.

Stay tuned! Pre-sale is coming🚀



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