Upcoming DeFi Launch V2

Find out all the details about the new vesting periods, cross-chain token, new allocation system, re-branding, and more

DeFi Launch Incubator
4 min readMay 24, 2022


In order to continue growing and fulfill the expectations set by the team and the community for DeFi Launch, we have worked hard on some major updates to our protocol.

We studied the after-launch performance of the projects incubated in our platform and we realized that the presale vesting periods could be adjusted to optimize the post-launch performance. A new allocation system, a bridge for a cross-chain $DLAUNCH token, and a re-branding have also been developed for our V2.

Vesting periods

Having the tokens available right after launch can sound interesting to a lot of presale investors, but it actually can be risky too.

After a presale ends, all the investors are anxiously waiting to claim their tokens and use them right away to stake, vote, earn, play, and more. But some of the presale investors can also sell them to take short-term profits and impact negatively on the price, affecting the rest of the holders.

  • 40% of the tokens will be distributed 7 days after launch.
  • The remaining 60% will be distributed during the next 12 days, on a 5% per day basis.

New allocation system - No tiers

The Tiers structure will be eliminated from DeFi Launch. In replacement of this system, a new and more efficient one will be deployed. There will be a progressive allocation system, in which the more $DLAUNCH tokens a wallet holds, the bigger the allocation it will have.

Keep in mind that in order to access the discount, the $DLAUNCH tokens must be staked in one of the pools on our website.

Cross-chain $DLAUNCH token

A bridge will be deployed in https://app.multichain.org/#/router, opening the possibility for all the holders to move their tokens from one chain to another and enjoy the benefits without the need of buying again on every single chain.

This will also get the price arbitraged across the 3 chains in which DeFi Launch is deployed (BNB Chain, Fantom, and Avalanche), so the price will be the same in all of them.


This is a big step for DeFi Launch ecosystem and it’s important that we make some noise and communicate it accordingly. DeFi Launch is more than 7 months old and has experienced huge success in its first months. Now it’s time to re-born and come back to the top of the launchpad industry with the V2 deployment.

Spoiler #1

New App

Our graphic design team has also worked hard to build a state-of-the-art website, and the result has led to getting the user experience at its best.

More clear information about the incubated projects will not only make a better experience for users, but also will also lead to more effective analysis by the users, thus increasing transparency.

Spoiler #2

🔜Upcoming developments in the short-term

New pools

Lock your $DLAUNCH tokens for 7, 14, 30, or 60 days and get a boosted APY! Encouraging users to hold for a longer-term will benefit the whole ecosystem and all the holders, helping the price to increase over time and reducing volatility.

Spoiler #3


The token holders will be able to propose polls about DeFi Launch platform, and which path should it take in future developments. Increasing the power of the holders will not only lead to better decisions, but also encourage long-term holding of the $DLAUNCH token.

Adding governance to the utility of a token is a must on every DeFi project

Spoiler #4

Stay tuned for the V2 deployment at the end of May, and its first use case with $LEND presale by TEN Finance.

Stay tuned! DeFi Launch V2 is coming🚀



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