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Something HUGE is coming, get ready for the next presale at DeFi Launch

DeFi Launch Incubator
3 min readJun 10, 2022


After some time working on the V2 deployment of DeFi Launch, part of our team worked in the Incubation Program with three different projects, with high-potential concepts and teams backing them up.

Now we have set a presale date for the first project that’s 100% ready to launch with all the areas of the project at the top level of performance. Continue reading to find out what is DxLaunch and all the details about the upcoming presale.

What is DxLaunch? 🚀

DxLaunch is a decentralized launchpad protocol that takes advantage of the benefits of blockchain to democratize crowdfunding through DeFi and DAOs.

  • Presale investors benefit from a fully decentralized protocol, driven by the community, with the latest and most efficient DAO features.
  • Project owners get exclusive access to the largest and most valuable partners’ ecosystem in all DeFi.

What is $DXL? 🪙

Having a strong token is essential to the growth of the protocol. That’s why the $DXL token has several utilities, encouraging users to hold on the long-term.

1. Voting power: In order to vote on the decisions of DxLaunch and which projects will launch on the platform, users need to hold $DXL.

2. Apply for presale / Start a poll: There is a fee to post any of these, that’s refunded if the poll reaches the quorum. If it does not reach the quorum, those $DXL tokens are burned.

3. Participate in a presale: In order to invest in a presale at DxLaunch, you need to have $DXL tokens and stake them in any of the available pools of our platform.

4. Earn: $DXL holders will be able to stake their tokens in the pools of our own platform, as well as pair them with other tokens to stake on our partners’ farms.

* After each project launch on our platform, a 30 days pool is automatically deployed.

Presale details 📋

The $DXL presale uses the FCFS method(“First Come, First Serve”), in which once the presale gets 100% filled, it finishes and no one else can participate.

🗓️ Start date: June 24th, 20.00 UTC
🏁 Finish date: June 25th, 20.00 UTC
📌 Place: bsc.defilaunch.finance
🪙 Token used to buy: BUSD

💸 10% discount → $0.346
💰 Amount to be raised → 150,000 BUSD

  • There are no more Tiers → Instead, everyone gets a 10% discount on the presale.
  • Allocation → The more $DLAUNCH tokens you hold, the bigger the allocation to participate in the presale.
  • Vesting period → After 7 days you will be receiving your tokens every second during the following 15 days.

Do you want to know more about DxLaunch? Here are all the links to the project 👇

Stay tuned, presale is coming! 🚀



DeFi Launch Incubator

DeFi Launch is a high-potential project incubator that provides support and assistance during the launch process