Yield Parrot has successfully landed on Fantom

A strong marketing campaign was deployed to attract new investors to Yield Parrot presale, nurturing both its community and DeFi Launch ecosystem, that has now a bigger community looking for new high quality projects to participate in.

We have worked with several of our media partners and also added some new ones that are now part of our incubation program and will assist us in upcoming presales, especially on Fantom. With banners at Dapp.com, tweets from Fantom Space, Fantom Daily, DappCentre, and many more marketing actions across Twitter, Telegram and the most recognized DeFi Dapps, we achieved massive attention for the presale.

We exceed our expectations greatly, with a 237% oversubscribed presale!

An amazing platform went live right after presale ended, with a lot of amazing optimized vaults of the most popular LPs of the Fantom Opera chain and some interesting ones that were part of strategic Fantom partnerships that DeFi Launch facilitated.

Something that may not be visible at the start is the long term vision for the protocol, with a tokenomics architecture that will ensure the growth of the $fLORY token in the long term. With a max supply of only 5,000,000 $fLORY, the protocol is nurtured for success.

Another important thing about the new Fantom protocol for Yield Parrot is their brand new buyback vaults that provide a steady buy pressure of the token, in which they buy $fLORY each time a vault compounds (6 times per day, once every 4 hours).

Follow their project in all their socials and check out their platform to find out all the opportunities that they have built along with our collaboration on our Incubation Program.

Stay tuned! Pre-sale is coming🚀



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